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Our experienced team advises developers, contractors and suppliers in all areas of building, infrastructure and construction law, including dispute resolution.


We offer general advice on any building and construction related legal question you may have including contracts (pre- and post-signing), your rights and obligations as well as disputes.


Building contracts are a special beast and getting it right can mean the difference between a quick and easy building process and a long and drawn-out dispute. We assist with drafting, reviewing and advising on all building contracts including residential and commercial building contracts, subcontractor agreements and terms and conditions.

Building disputes

Despite the best intentions of those entering building contracts and agreements, a dispute is sometimes unavoidable. We provide advice and guidance on the most effective and efficient ways of resolving your dispute as well as the next steps if the matter is unable to be resolved at an early stage.

Security of Payment Act

The Security of Payment Acts aim to ensure that any person who undertakes to carry out construction work or supply related goods and services under a construction contract is entitled to receive prompt progress payments – in essence, it is a ‘pay now, fight later’ system. Parties that are unable to agree can proceed to a ‘rapid’ adjudication process that will make a determination of the parties entitlements to payment. While beneficial, the Act contains a finicky process that requires careful consideration and adherence to the rules and timeframes in order to be relied upon. We advise and act on all manner of Security for Payments Act matters including advice, drafting adjudication applications, adjudication responses right up to commencing court proceedings if the adjudication process does not go in your favour.


When your building dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, you may be required to consider litigation through the Courts to settle the issue. We know the law and process thoroughly and can guide you through the entire process from early advice on negotiations, drafting or responding to a claim, mediation or alternate dispute resolution up to the final hearing and determination.

Alternate dispute resolution

Sometimes the courts are not the best or most appropriate place to resolve a dispute. Depending on the circumstances, a confidential mediation, arbitration, adjudication or binding expert determination may be the cheapest, most efficient, effective and commercial way of resolving a dispute. We provide advice and representation in all manner of alternate dispute resolution types.

Site inspections

We are not just suits! We will don the high vis and steel caps to come to your building site for meetings, building inspections, expert inspections and provide on the spot advice and guidance so you are not left feeling like you have been trodden all over.