Commercially astute
+ budget conscious


Commercially astute + budget conscious

We offer a broad range of commercial services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We can assist with advising you on how to set up your business from day one, including having the right agreements and structures in place. If your business is already up and running we can help you with contracts for selling your goods and services and employment agreements for new staff hires. If your business isn’t travelling so well we can help with restructuring or if needed, the closing down process.

Business law

We offer general advice on any legal question you may have regarding your business including actions you are looking to take or have taken.

Business startup

We assist with advising you on how to set up your business from day one, including with set up of your trading company and trust, strategic advice to get you on the right track early and all the commercial agreements you will need to start trading.

Commercial agreements

We assist with drafting and advice on all manner of commercial agreements including shareholder’s agreements, partnership agreements, business sale and purchase agreements as well as goods and service sale agreement and terms and conditions.

Employment agreements

If yours is a business that employs workers, you should have employment agreements in place. We can assist with drafting and advice on employment and contractor agreements.


Contracts are a part of life and despite this, most contracts we see are not easily understandable or well drafted. We assist with drafting and advice on all types of contracts including building contracts, services agreements, hire agreements, sale of goods agreements. We aim to turn the confusing and frightening contract into something easily understandable and digestible.

Terms and conditions

Almost everyone has come across the ‘fine print’ terms and conditions at one point or another. If your business does not have terms and conditions, there is a good chance it should and we can assist with drafting and implementing those. We also advise on risks and issues in terms and conditions you have received from others before you go ahead with your purchase.

Restructuring and insolvency

Not all businesses reach their aspired heights – we can assist if you have reached too far and need assistance with debts and restructuring or simply wish to wind down and cease operating.