Litigation and disputes

Professional advice
+ real world experience


Professional advice + real world experience

Whether it’s a debtor that just won’t pay, a dispute with a former business partner, a homeowner who withholds that final progress payment or a builder who has told you “he’ll pay when he gets paid”, we can assist with all manner of litigation, commercial and civil disputes. Our litigation team have experience across the full range of commercial and civil disputes.

Alternate dispute resolution

Sometimes the courts are not the best or most appropriate place to resolve a dispute. Depending on the circumstances, a confidential mediation, arbitration, adjudication or binding expert determination may be the cheapest, most efficient, effective and commercial way of resolving a dispute. We provide advice and representation in all manner of alternate dispute resolution types.

Debt recovery

Got a stubborn that refuses to pay your invoices? Or perhaps you have received a claim for payment that you do not agree with and refuse to pay. We advise and act on debt recovery matters from start to finish, starting with letters of demand, Statutory Demands and proceeding to litigation.

Commercial disputes

A company or business dispute can span essentially every type of dispute in a business context, be it shareholder, contract or payment disputes. If you foresee a dispute or are in the early stages, we advise and act on your behalf in good faith negotiations to attempt to reach an outcome without the need for litigation and court proceedings. We draft all necessary documents to effect the outcome of such negotiations including deeds of release and settlement.

Commercial litigation

When your business dispute cannot be resolved by good faith negotiations, you may be required to consider litigation through the Courts to settle the issue. We know the law and process thoroughly and can guide you through the entire process from early advice on negotiations, drafting or responding to a claim, mediation or alternate dispute resolution up to the final hearing and determination.

Insolvency and bankruptcy

Not all businesses reach their aspired heights – we can assist if you have reached too far and need assistance with debts and restructuring. We can also assist if you are simply seeking to cease operating and do not wish to sell your business.